Marketing Communications for HVAC Manufacturers and Their Sales Organizations

Trish Holder Marketing Communications specializes in developing strategic content for HVAC manufacturers and their representatives, as well as other mechanical or process industries.

Generally speaking, if it involves the transfer of heat or energy in buildings or in processes, Trish Holder writes about it.  

The Written Word

If it involves the written word -- even if it is to be spoken at a live event or recording -- Trish Holder does it all including: 

How We Differ From Ad Agencies and PR Firms

At Trish Holder, Marketing Communications, our focus is the MESSAGE. That message may be ten pages or it may be ten words. In either case, it embodies an deep understanding of a technical concept or application (usually HVAC) and the market it serves.  

Few advertising/public relations agencies have the expertise to write copy that is suitable for the HVAC/mechanical engineering community. Trish Holder does.  She's been writing/ghostwriting about mechanical systems for over 20 years including:

Chilled Water Systems • Boiler Systems • Hydronic Controls • Radiant Heating • Condenser Water •  Air Handling •  Energy Recovery
Domestic Hot Water • Process Applications • Ventilation • Geothermal Systems • Pool Heating • Dehumidification • Evaporative Cooling •  Etc.

Trish Holder doesn't write about diapers. She doesn't write about cars. She doesn't write about insurance. She writes about HVAC and other mechanical systems that rely on many of the same principles.  She also doesn't simply "edit" work written by her clients. She does the heavy lifting by digging into a technical topic through research and interviews and then writing 100% of copy herself.

Equally important, she understands the trigger points of engineers, installers, and end-users as well as anyone who currently writes in the HVAC industry.  

Editorial Placement

What happens to the copy once it is written?  That's up to the client, of course, but Trish Holder regularly secures placement of the editorial she writes for her clients.  She is well-known and respected among editors at major mechanical engineering and HVAC trade magazines.  And she has an excellent placement rate for editorial content that she develops for her clients.

Website/Blog Creation

If you are considering revamping your company’s website or creating a more dynamic site that includes a blog, Trish Holder can help facilitate this process from concept to launch and keep your site updated with current, relevant content that helps your company build SEO authority.