She Writes About HVAC

Trish Holder is a writer and marketing communications consultant for HVAC/mechanical manufactures and their sales agencies.  Think “Mad Men” for companies that make or sell heating and cooling equipment. Minus the scotch and cigarettes. And Madison Avenue. And that cool 60’s vibe.

Ok – it’s not like Mad Men at all.

BUT if Don Draper needed a writer for his top HVAC clients, he’d hire Trish Holder in a New York minute because no other writer understands the HVAC industry as well as she does.  (Only Trish wouldn’t take that job because she’d rather write for those clients from her own smoke-free office. Sorry Don.)

Bottom line:  HVAC manufacturers and representatives need someone who can write intelligent and informed copy about their products and how they are applied – someone who also happens to know her way around an equipment room.

That someone is Trish Holder, and she’s been writing about commercial heating and cooling products and applications for over 20 years.
No kidding, there really is someone who does that for a living.  

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