We have been working with Trish for many years. She has helped us create technical articles, brochures and content for our company blog. Trish has the unique ability to write about technical subjects in a way that’s clear, simple and to the point. Her work, advice and expertise has immensely helped JMP’s marketing efforts.
— Chad Edmondson Marketing Manager James M. Pleasants Company

Trish Holder is a talented wordsmith with a gift for tailoring her style to the subject and audience at hand. Whether I need technical writing for engineers or a more casual tone for a brochure, Trish can deliver. Over the years I’ve commissioned her for web copy, ad copy, webinar text, video scripts, white papers, case studies and articles. Her knowledge of green building, construction and mechanical systems is amazing. I highly recommend Trish Holder Marketing Communications.
— Joanna Beckman, Marketing Communications Manager - Armacell LLC

Trish is on my short list of freelance writers that I give to HVACR manufacturers who ask for referrals. Those who’ve used her have given me good feedback, saying that she quickly picks up on the nuances of a product or application, is highly reliable, and easy to work with.
— Michael Ivanovich - Editor-in-Chief Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning (HPAC) Engineering

Trish has been a great asset to our marketing communication efforts — in her professional writing abilities, her persistence in following up on assignments given to her, and in her ability put a fresh face on what can appear to be dry technical issues. Her trade press contacts have also proven effective for us.
— Blake Bonnabeau - Communications Manager, BELIMO Aircontrols (USA), Inc.

I’ve worked with Trish for approximately 10 years, and consistently find her to be extremely detailed and dedicated to producing the best possible work. Her ability to grasp technical material has always made her an asset to our company. We’ve come to depend on the fact that she can take a project and run with it even when we give her limited information. This, along with her good-natured, friendly attitude makes it easy for us to regard her as a team member.
— Vincent Clerico - Vice President of Sales, Heat-Timer Corp.
I have worked with many freelance writers over the course of my career and Trish is among the very best.

She has the unique ability to create engaging copy about very technical topics. She also has great instincts for tailoring a writing project to a given audience or publication. She is extremely knowledgeable about the HVAC industry, and can take a project like a case study or white paper from start to finish with almost no guidance whatsoever. She is great at gathering up information from interviews and other resources, and figuring out the best angle to take on a story.

As former engineering magazine editor and now a VP of Marketing for a manufacturer, I know I can trust Trish to deliver the goods, as I need it and when I need it.
— Barry Campbell, VP Marketing - Aquatherm

I have known and worked with Trish for many years and she has been an extremely valuable resource to Systemair in helping us improve our message to the market. Trish is a trusted resource to produce exceptional communication clearly and concisely. She has a unique ability to take very complex, detailed information and organizing it into a format that is easy to read and understand by all. Trish sees herself as smart, funny, and simply a joy to work with, although I do not. However, I would recommend Trish to anyone who is interested in more effectively communicating with their customers and prospects.
— Rick Caldwell, Vice President Marketing North America - Systemair

A good freelance writer understands the needs of not only his or her client, but those of the audience the client is trying to reach and the publication serving that audience. Trish Holder is one of those freelance writers.
— Scott Arnold - Managing Editor, HPAC Engineering

Working with Trish on the Salizar case study at Sonoma State University was most enjoyable. I have written many technical articles for various trade magazines in the past, but this was the first article which was credited to me that was actually ghostwritten by Trish. Her skillful article brought me many positive responses from the readers of HPAC Engineering.

Trish has great skills at understanding the complex concepts underlying indirect/direct evaporative cooling. Many readers felt that the concept, as described by her in the article, were very clear.
— C. Mike Scofield, PE, ASHRAE FELLOW - Conservation Mechanical Systems