Blogs & Websites: Online writing for JMP Co.

James M. Pleasants Co. (JMP), a large HVAC representative, is well-known for providing continuing education to mechanical engineers and contractors through their regional seminars. Trish Holder, Marketing Communications helped JMP expand its educational outreach by creating the JMP Study Hall - an online educational resource for commercial HVAC and plumbing professionals. Trish Holder updates content and maintains the blog for JMP. 

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Online Writing: Greenspiration website was the official website for the Piedmont Triad, NC's first LEED-certified, new construction, single-family home. Homeowner and promoter, Trish Holder, developed the website and subsequent blog as an educational resource for homeowners interested in green building, renovating and decorating. The concept was to educate homeowners in a unique, peer-to-peer format by having homeowners, including Trish share their own green building experiences -- good and bad.